Subtracting hundreds without borrowing

Subtraction with borrowing

Vertical subtraction without carrying

Vertical subtraction with carrying

Addition up to 50

Addition 50 – 100

Addition without carrying

Addition with carrying

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comparision 0 – 100

Sequences of numbers up to 100



What is Addition

Addition with carryover

Adding in the tens place

Addition up to 20

Adding multiples of 10

Adding a sequence of numbers

Subtraction up to five

Subtraction up to ten

Subtraction in the tens place

Subtraction with borrowing a ten

Subtracting multiples of 10

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Compering numbers to 20

The order of the numbers 1 – 10

The order of the numbers 11 – 20

Measuring time by the hour

Measuring time including minutes

Measuring length part 1

Measuring length part 2